NIN / QOTSA Australia Tour 2014 Poster


This only has 1 sydney and 1 melbourne show, later posters had extra dates.

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Sydney 07/03/14 Setlist

Setlist from lighting desk at 2nd Sydney show 07/03/14.

Thank so much to Gavin for this!


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Marilyn Manson – Smells Like Children – Recalled Promo CD

Sold this cd back in 2004.


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FedEx what have you done!

photo 1

photo 2

Even the tray is cracked through!

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Pretty Promos


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Head Like a Hole and Sin Ferret & Spanner VHS

Sin UK Ferret & Spanner VHS now has a companion, Head Like a Hole UK Ferret & Spanner VHS!


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More related cassettes

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More random cassettes

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Mud Pigs – Thai Professional Bootleg

Professionally manufactured Thai bootleg cassette.

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Closer – US Cassettes – 2 Variants

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Downward Spiral – US Cassettes

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More cassettes

The Fragile Album Snippets – Netherlands

Sin -US (Sealed)

The Day The World Went Away -US

With Teeth – Malaysia (Sealed)

Broken – US

Pretty Hate Machine – US

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Marilyn Manson Thai Cassettes (Trent Produced)

Smells Like Children Cassette – Thai

Antichrist Superstar Cassette – Thai

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More Thailand Cassettes

Things Falling Apart – Thai

And All That Could Have Been – Thai

Natural Born Killers – Thai

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The Fragile Cassettes

The Fragile – Thailand

The Fragile – Malaysia (Sealed)

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Phillippines Cassettes

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The Downward Spiral Thai Cassettes

The downward spiral thailand cassettes:

  • First Pressing
  • Second Pressing (99 baht price)
  • Second Pressing  (sealed with 99 baht price under seal, 119 on top of seal)
  • Second Pressing (sealed with 119 baht price under seal – and UNIVERSAL MUSIC printed on seal).

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Collected Collection

Collected Promo DVD USA: nincatalog

Universal Greek Promo DVD Compilation (includes Collected):  nincatalog

Universal Greek Promo DVD Collected: not on nincatalog

Gameshark PSP Media Manager with Collected DVD:  nincatalog


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